Seminar- Dr Antonis Bikakis, Senior Lecturer in Department of Information Studies, University College London

30th Mar 2017 11:00am

0.3 Merchant Venturers Building

Rule-based reasoning in Ambient Intelligence: Theory and Applications


Context, Context Representation, and Contextual Reasoning are central notions in the Ambient Intelligence vision to transform our living and working environments into "intelligent spaces". Ontology-based models have been argued to satisfy well the requirements of context representation. Rule-based reasoning has already been successfully integrated into ontology-based applications for domains with similar requirements (e.g. the Web), while it addresses well many of the challenges of reasoning in Ambient Intelligence systems. This talk discusses the challenges of contextual reasoning in Ambient Intelligence systems, argues about the suitability of rule-based approaches, and describes the deployment of rule-based reasoning in two different settings: a centralised, semantics-based context management framework for Ambient Intelligence, and a totally distributed system of logic-based agents.



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