Digital Health Engineering Seminar - Fatmah Bamashmoos

12th Oct 2017 11:00am

Abstract: The Internet of Things could be one of the next revolutionary developments in the domain of computing.  It can play a significant role in transforming several fields: agriculture, transportation, energy consumption, health sciences, smart homes and everyday life. In healthcare, the Internet of things may have significant impact in solving problems via improving tracking of a patients’ health, both remotely by medical staff and also by enabling better self-monitoring by patients. Along with this development, the Semantic Web is another advance of the Internet world which allows for data from multiple sources and servers to be integrated. Coupling healthcare IoT and Semantic Web applications may provide even greater insights for patient care. Our talk will present a review of the role of semantic web on the Internet of medical things, especially focusing on the condition of Asthma as a case study.

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