Our People

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is home to The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research (EBI), co-funded by theWellcome Trust and the University of Bristol, which brings together leading researchers from disparate fields to collaborate on solutions to the most pressing health problems of the 21st century.Bristol University is home to two NIHR Biomedical Research Units (‘Nutrition, Diet & Lifestyle’, ‘Cardiovascular Disease’), the globally unique Wellcome Trust and MRC-funded ALSPAC project (the “Children of the 90’s”; 10000 children, their parents and their own children) and the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit , the world-leading centre for integrating “omic” technologies into epidemiological studies for improved understanding of disease. Together they provide the IRC with cost effective access to targeted participants (e.g. the depressed, the obese) but also to the uniquely-detailed health, behavioural and phenotypic data held on these individuals. SPHERE’s ambitions are realistic but beyond the state-of-the-art, requiring innovation in video analysis (the Bristol Vision Institute brings together 100 engineers, computer scientists, biologists and psychologists), communications (Bristol is home to the UK’s Centre for Doctoral Training in Communications) and machine learning (Bristol hosted the European Conference on Machine Learning in 2012). Fostering interdisciplinarity between Engineering and Medicine is a strategic priority for Bristol.