Dress/Sense Film

Teams of scientists, medics, engineers, designers and textile artists came together in Autumn 2014 to compete for a £5000 prize. It was the first wearable technology competition of its kind in Bristol. 

Wearable technology has the potential to change people's lives. SPHERE ran a competition to find those individuals who could join multi-disciplinary teams to design a wearable item that will have an impact on an individual’s health.

Wednesday 25th March sees the launch of the Dress/Sense film. The film charts the progress of the competition and showcases the innovative technology that was produced. The competition not only produced high quality wearable devices, it brought together, and gave an extraordinary opportunities to the participants.

The feedback from the competition was incredibly positive.

“The fact different specialties can offer equally to produce an end product. Each different professional group spoke a different language that meant there was a massive increase in communication overall.” Dress Sense Participant

“A Great Opportunity for the school pupils to engage with adults & build their confidence in focused project work, learn transferrable skills & technical skills” Russel Haines, Toshiba Research

"The problems of the present day and of the future will be solved by sharp minds, working together, to harness the best of technology. This competition has given two of our brightest young minds the unique opportunity to work with Bristol University students to address a pressing mental health issue. We are obviously grateful that they have had this opportunity and thrilled that they are part of the winning team: innovation, collaboration and intellectual curiosity are qualities we value and encourage at Red Maids' and the girls have demonstrated this in abundance." Mrs Tobias, Head Teacher, Redmaids’ School.

Dress/Sense was funded by SPHERE (an EPSRC IRC) with support from:Toshiba, Kinneir Dufort, the West of England Academic Science Network (AHSN) and Designability