Dress Sense Impact

Medics, Engineers, Designers, School pupils.... The Dress/Sense competition was unique in its approach of bringing together an incredible array of talents to create innovative and amazing wearable technology.

"Each different professional group spoke a different language that meant there was a massive increase in communication overall. " Participant

As well as producing some truly innovative designs, the project gave the rare opportunity for people from different backgrounds to share their expertise for a wider benefit.

“I love when you do it and it’s all swell that you’ve actually programmed it, then you actually do it and you’re like YEAH! I really like working with a group of people who can actually get it done, cause I sometimes have ideas, but there is no way that I can do it, especially because I am quite you and I can’t start a business or anything, so it’s really nice to have an opportunity where something that we’ve worked on and ideas come through it actually be produced and maybe finalised.” Participant

“It’s really good to see the students integrating with other students from the University and people from industry it is something they don’t get to do within school. “ Teacher


“I wanted to do dress sense because it’s the first chance I’ve had to do a proper inter-disciplinary project at the University. I spend a lot of time with computer scientists, electronics engineers and you can end up being quite focussed, quite blinkered, so it’s interesting to hear other people’s engineering problems. So to have medics come up to me and say I want to know before hand when someone’s going to have a fit due to epilepsy, or over time how someone’s posture changes, so if someone’s depressed they are going to be into themselves and maybe looking at their feet a lot, how do you detect that over time, that’s a very interesting problem.” Participant

The legacy of the project has lived on beyond the end of the competition. One of the teams, Jurojin, continues to develop their device. Several participants are interested in taking up MSC project, PhD's or other opportunities within SPHERE.

The School children are inspired to continue and develop their skills in engineering and coding. The project will build and develop on the foundations of multi-disciplinary working to see how far this work can develop.

And we'll leave you with the booklet produced by team 3 Yo! Click on the image to the right to see more.