Seminar - Glenford Mapp - 11am Thursday 1st February 2018 0.3 MVB

1st Feb 2018 11:00am

Title: The Development of an Advanced Digital Medical Platform


Diseases such as heart disease, dementia, diabetes and obesity are beginning to affect large sections of the population of many countries and therefore threaten to overwhelm their medical health provision. An Advanced Digital Medical Platform (ADIMEP) is being proposed to help meet this challenge. However, because of the amount of data that will be generated, this data must be stored on Public Clouds bringing the issues of access, authorization and security as challenges that must be addressed. The platform must therefore support an active data management strategy, which complies with legal and ethical requirements for the confidentiality of patient records, while allowing Cloud providers to optimise their storage and researchers to develop new treatments using Big Data techniques. This talk explores how these challenges can be met and looks at a new Information Security Framework being developed for ADIMEP. The talk then explores how an ADIMEP system can be built and deployed.

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