Seminar - Andy Skinner & Laura Johnson - 11am Thursday 26th April 2018 0.3 MVB

26th Apr 2018 11:00am

Title: Digital Phenotyping and Health Research

Developments in digital and wearable technologies are transforming the ability of health researchers to capture data about people’s behaviours, physiology and mental health. New methods driven by these technologies, referred to as ‘Digital Phenotyping’, enable the capture of more detailed, better quality data, over longer periods of time, with lower cost and reduced burden to the individual. In this talk, two researchers from the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol will discuss a number of projects that have explored the feasibility of using new Digital Phenotyping techniques for health research. Andy Skinner will introduce the session and give an overview of a variety of projects that range from using smartwatches for the passive detection of modifiable health behaviours, to use of low-cost, on-body camera technology for measurement of maternal sensitivity in the context of perinatal depression. Laura Johnson will then discuss a number of projects that focus on assessment of nutritional intake, and consider what’s next in this domain.

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