Seminar - Michal Kozlowski - 11am Thursday 1st March 2018 0.3 MVB

1st Mar 2018 3:02pm

Title: Recent Progress in Indoor Localisation for SPHERE

 Abstract: Interest in Indoor Localisation systems increased steadily over the recent years. Nonetheless, the problem remains largely unanswered. Whilst a number of different approaches are gaining traction, there is still no standard method to provide accurate location in an indoor setting. This talk aims to describe the current strides taken towards viable localisation system for SPHERE. It will outline the collection of a unique dataset, before detailing the novel approaches for data fusion and sensor selection methods in the context of indoor localisation. The results show that by utilising the wrist-worn IMU we can make the location result more robust against possible shortcomings which are likely to be encountered in an IoT system. The talk also details the potential algorithms which could be used to analyse the placement of sensors, streamlining the deployment process. 

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