Seminar - Antonis Vafeas - 11am Thursday 7th June 2018 0.3 MVB

7th Jun 2018 11:00am

Title: Energy-Efficient, Noninvasive Water Flow Sensor

Abstract: Water flow monitoring is particularly valuable for long-term behavioural monitoring systems for health-related applications, as it enables the collection of long-term data on the hydration levels of the house residents, and it is associated with several activities of daily life, such as cooking and cleaning.
A water flow sensing device that is based on sensing the vibrations on the pipe when water is flowing through them is presented. The proposed solution is noninvasive and energy-efficient, as it does not require cutting the water pipes or altering the plumbing system, and consumes less then 2 mA in continuous operation. The proposed water flow sensor has been integrated to SPHERE, and deployed to more than 15 residential properties.

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