Seminar - Kevin Chetty - 11am Thursday 4th October 2018 0.3 MVB

4th Oct 2018 11:00am

Title: Opportunistic Sensing Using WiFi Passive Radar


Passive radars are opportunistic sensors that exploit transmissions from various RF illuminators ranging from active radars and satellites, right the way through to commercial broadcasts from TV and FM radio stations.  Passive radar has a long history of military use but has experienced a resurgence of interest in recent years owing to the rise of new digital transmissions such as GSM, WiFi and 4G. The domestic focus of these communications protocols have led to new applications in urban monitoring for smart cities, healthcare and IoT.

The Wireless Sensing Group at University College London (UCL) led by Dr. Kevin Chetty have pioneered the development of WiFi passive radar, and the seminar will cover their journey from first demonstrating the feasibility of the technology for detecting and tracking people in high-clutter indoor environments, right through to the development of a real-time demonstrator, and the use of machine learning for activity recognition.

UCL will be working with Bristol in the new EPSRC funded OPERA project, which will investigate contextual sensing capabilities of passive radar for applications in healthcare monitoring and ambient assisted living. 

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