Seminar - Knut Schroeder - 11am Thursday 8th November 2018 0.3 MVB

8th Nov 2018 11:00am

Is my headache serious? I'm tired all the time - should I see a doctor? Can I ignore this rash or should I call 999? We all have questions about our health from time to time and make decisions based on whatever knowledge we have. To answer their questions, many people (and many of my patients) go online for advice, often leading to time-consuming searches, frustration and unnecessary worry.
I'm interested in improving health literacy and enabling people to self-care, which is why I create reliable health information for different groups of people (such as students, carers, and teenagers) with the aim to take the pain out of looking for useful and reliable advice. For this reason I make this information easily available through mobile apps - though I went into this by accident, being rather non-techy.

In this session I would like to achieve the following:
Tell you a bit about my work, including why I'm doing it and what I hope will come out of it
Discuss with you how we can digital health information more engaging and use it to identify user needs
Find out how what I'm doing may tie in with any of your projects and explore opportunities for collaboration

If you think this may interest you, I look forward to seeing and meeting you on Thursday!

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