Seminar -Lucy Yardley - Thursday 28th March 2019, 0.3 MVB

28th Mar 2019 11:00am

The Person-Based Approach for developing and optimising digital interventions

This seminar will describe how to use the Person-Based Approach ( to develop effective and engaging interventions. The Person-Based Approach uniquely combines user-centred design methods with evidence-based behaviour change methods. This ensures that better uptake and engagement with intervention actually leads to offline behaviour change and better healthcare outcomes. The approach is based on my team’s experiences of successfully developing and evaluating numerous interventions, and draws on over 1500 interviews with users and large-scale national and international clinical trials demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of our interventions. This talk will explain how to use the Person Based Approach for intervention development and optimisation, illustrated by practical examples of how it has been used to develop interventions for patients and healthcare practitioners, for public health and long-term condition management, and for people from diverse cultures and different ages and abilities.

Lucy Yardley is Professor of Health Psychology at University of Bristol and University of Southampton. She initiated and leads the ten year digital ‘LifeGuide’ research programme (, which has attracted over £40 million funding.

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