Seminar - Helen Tendedez - Thursday 11th April - 11.00am, room G.03A 1 Cathedral Square, BS1 5DD

11th Apr 2019 11:00am

'Technology – when ‘done right’ — has the potential to bring enormous benefits to the healthcare sector.  From clinical information systems to pervasive monitoring tools in the home, the different ways in which technology can enhance healthcare appears endless. But balancing people’s needs and pragmatic barriers within this application domain is challenging. Getting it ‘right’ is far easier than it sounds but getting it ‘wrong’ can risk lives. In this talk, I will present part of my ongoing PhD research that looks at designing a data dashboard for respiratory care across two NHS trusts. The dashboard aims to collate routinely collected NHS data to support clinicians’ decision making. I will share my experiences so far working with a range of stakeholders in the participatory design process, uncovering the barriers and opportunities in this design space.' Helena Tendedez

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