Makala Campbell

Digital Projects Producer, Knowle West Media Centre

Makala Campbell is the Digital Projects Producer at KWMC. Makala works collaboratively with a wide range of local people and organisations to develop and deliver  innovative digital media and digital inclusion projects that have social, cultural, and economic benefit, and encourage wider participation in decision-making processes and digital technology.She works closely with city-wide and national partners to connect the programme to wider initiatives, including Bristol Green Capital, and she often represents and promotes the work of KWMC and Bristol.

Makala has worked at KWMC for eight years.  Prior to running KWMC’s digital programme, Makala worked with young people to create a youth magazine and worked as the Communications Coordinator, and has a BA (Hons) degree in Multi-media Journalism. Makala is part of the engagement team for SPHERE, working with all packages to ensure user-centred design and public involvement and engagement through-out the project.