Shaping technology - meet the 'Friends of SPHERE'

3rd Feb 2016

Saturday 30th January saw the first meeting of the 'Friends of SPHERE' - 50 participants who came to help SPHERE shape its future research.

Many of SPHERE's researchers came to hear what the public think the SPHERE technology, and how we need to shape our work over the next year or two to create a system that works with, and for, everyone.

We had an incredible array of feedback with suggestions from how we design our wearables to how we install quality of movement sensors, how we power the system and many more ideas.

This is the start of on ongoing involvement in offering advice, shaping our research and testing the technology, all of which will be lead by the 'Friends of SPHERE.

If you'd like to get involved, or find out more, visit our 'Friends of SPHERE' pages.

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