Senior Data Science: Safe Aging with SPHERE

7th Jun 2016

Your challenge: help push forward the state of the art by predicting actual activity from sensor data!

This challenge is part of a large research project which centers around using sensors and algorithms to help older people live safely at home while maintaining their privacy and independence. Using passive, automated monitoring, the ultimate goal is to look out for a person's well-being without being burdensome or intrusive.

To gather data, researchers in the SPHERE Inter-disciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) equipped volunteers with accelerometers similar to those found in cell phones or fitness wearables, and then had the subjects go about normal activities of daily living in a home-like environment that was also equipped with motion detectors. After gathering a robust set of sensor data, they had multiple annotators use camera footage to establish the ground truth, labeling chunks of sensor data as one of twenty specifically chosen activities (e.g. walk, sit, stand-to-bend, ascend stairs, descend stairs, etc).

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