Friends of SPHERE update

20th Jul 2016
Friends of SPHERE update
Over the last few months, SPHERE has been undertaking an exciting and rewarding approach to public engagement. We've travelled around the city attending talks, events, festivals and have had discussions with numerous people. We've run a number of events, demonstrating the technology and listening to the ideas and thoughts of the Friends of SPHERE and the public.

This feedback has been invaluable to us in helping to shape the project. We've had ideas on how we store and present data that is collected, on the look and the design of the system, of what people find acceptable in terms of their privacy, as well as great discussions on ethics.

Many of the SPHERE researchers have been involved in these activities, and have gained invaluable insight and feedback on how we can make the SPHERE technology work for people and what they want, as well as pushing the boundaries of current research in this area. This has made a great difference in many areas of the project, and we are taking on board and responding to the feedback we get.

The experience has been, and continues to be, incredibly useful to us and we really appreciate all the contributions the Friends of SPHERE and the public make to the project.

See a Researchers view of working with the Friends of SPHERE here:

Thank you to everyone who has talked to us and helped us get to this point. If you would like to find out more about upcoming events, please sign up to our mailing list here.

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