SPHERE secured a two bedroom house in Bristol to be used as an experimental facility, fully furnished and ready to serve as a highly-instrumental living-lab. We plan to recruit a variety of healthy participants and people with minor health conditions to live in the house for periods of time, in order to investigate various clinical hypotheses and learn how long-term recorded sensor data can be used to monitor quality of life, well-being and various health conditions.

At the present time, SPHERE has identified nearly 20 nascent collaborations around compelling topics of clinical need such as sleep quality, depression, obesity and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and we plan to investigate these through our studies in the SPHERE property.

The SPHERE house will accommodate up to four participants for up to two weeks, undertaking their normal daily routines. Water consumption, appliance use (including TV watching), food preparation, house cleaning, inter-personal interaction, use of computing and social media, telephone, physical activity, walking, sitting, sleeping and ascending/descending stairs are all activities of interest to our clinical, clinical science and social science collaborators. These activities will be monitored by a platform of sensors installed in the house.

For updates about what is happening in the house please see our blog.