Our People

University of Southampton
Ann Ashburn
Professor of Rehabilitation

Professor Steve Beeby
Professor of Electronic Systems and Devices



Southampton has UK-leading expertise and lab facilities for studying movement in stroke and Parkinson's disease rehabilitation. The group's internationally-leading research into falls and impaired balance in stroke and Parkinson's disease has contributed to national clinical guidelines and Southampton held the Stroke Association Rehabilitation Research Centre until 2009.

At Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science is ranked 1st in the UK for electronic engineering; pioneering work in energy harvestering led to the formation of Perpetuum Ltd which is the world's foremost manufacturer of energy harvesters. Southampton is co-ordinating the EPSRC-funded Energy Harvesting Network and leading an EPSRC project consortium for "Next Generation Energy-Harvesting Electronics". They have projects on energy-constrained communications and ultra-low power electronics; this is a vital area for SPHERE and practical work will be carried out in Southampton's £100m nanofabrication centre.