Dr Alison Burrows

Research Assistant in User-Centred design


Alison is a postdoc researcher in User-Centred Design, within Activity 3 of the SPHERE project. Her role involves collaborating with other researchers across SPHERE, advising and assisting them to apply user-centred and participatory design methods, to help deliver technology that is appropriate and desirable to the stakeholders. The User-Centred Design methodology will reflect the particular challenges of investigating the uses of health sensing systems in the home environment, and may include cultural probes, technology probes and proxies.She has a PhD in Inclusive Design, from Loughborough University. Her doctoral research investigated the Out-of-Box Experience of new technology for people aged 50 and over, with a view to positively influencing their uptake of these products. Prior to this, she graduated with a Licentiate degree in Equipment and Interior Design from ARCA-EUAC, in Portugal.