Research Keywords

  • Sensor Informatics
  • Assisted Living
  • Smart Homes
  • RTLS
  • (W)SNM
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Activity Recognition
  • Rule-Based Sensing
  • Intelligent Spaces
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Sensors
  • (Stroke) Rehabilitation

Dr Przemek (Pete) Woznowski

Research Assistant Work Package 6

Dr Woznowski is a research assistant in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (with a specialization/concentration in Sensor Informatics) at the University of Bristol. He is interested in serialising the vision of ubiquitous computing, in which diverse sensors residing in our surroundings provide services that a single device cannot. The new classes of application which emerge from this approach can be used to, for example, monitor patient’s recovery in hospitals or in their own homes. In his PhD he designed a Rule-Based Semantic Sensing Platform for Activity Monitoring, which makes use of: low-level SNM, rule-based system and ontologies; to perform activity recognition in sensor-rich environments. He has been involved in measuring stroke patients’ physical activity project, which involved data collection in hospital (Regional Stroke Unit, Cardiff) and home environments. He is currently working on the SPHERE project (EPSRC).


In 2009 Dr Woznowski graduated from Cardiff University with a first class degree (BSc) in Computer Science with Distributed and Mobile Systems. His undergraduate final-year project involved developing software for data collection and pattern recognition in intelligent environments. He had then been employed for 12-week on an EU-funded P2P EDGeS project. He then started and completed his PhD in the field of Sensor Informatics at Cardiff University (2013), working on a Rule-Based Semantic Sensing Platform for Activity Monitoring ( under prof. Alun D. Preece and prof. Robert van Deursen’s supervision. During his PhD, he collaborated with the School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University, in order to develop and field-test the platform for stroke patients’ physical activity monitoring in both hospital and home environments. In June 2014 he joined the SPHERE project team at the University of Bristol, where he is currently working as a research assistant.