Sasikumar Arumugam

Research Fellow

Sasi received his BSc and MSc degree in Chemistry from Bishop Heber College, India. He worked on a project at Anna University, Chennai, India, and involved synthesis of nano-hybrid polymers for anticorrosive and antifouling coatings. He was then selected for Scottish Overseas Research Award Scheme (SORAS) to carry out his PhD programme.  His doctoral work dealt with synthesis and characterization of novel organic materials for Organic field effect transistors (OFET) and solar cells (OSC) under the supervision of Prof. Peter Skabara in the department of pure and applied Chemistry at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.  He then joined Prof. Steve Beeby’s group, University of Southampton in 2013 as Post-doctoral Research Fellow to research fabrication of flexible solar cells for e-textile applications.