Work Package 6,  Design, deployment and monitoring
Lead Academic: Dr George Oikonomou (University of Bristol)


WP6 will provide the SPHERE end-to-end system integration and deployment activities. The proposal text shapes WP6 into two main activity areas: (i) to deliver an integrated in-home sensor network that brings together outputs from home environment sensors (WP1), video sensors (WP2) and on-body sensors (WP3) and delivers their data using suitable secure communications to a central server data warehouse (SPHERE Hub) hosted by University of Bristol; (ii) and to deploy the system over a number of up to 100 homes in Bristol in Year 4 of the project (optionally, starting in Year 3). The second activity area is envisaged to be split into two, consecutively running, activities: deployment planning and user engagement using demonstrator platforms, and the full deployment and monitoring stage, originally envisaged from Y4 onwards.

WP6 Development

In the last 6 months the development in WP6 focused around instrumenting the SPHERE living lab with sensing technology and integration of various sensor data sources. Firstly, environmental sensors were installed and their data (WP1) was integrated into the system capable of collecting and reliably storing received information. Subsequently, wearable sensors (WP3) were integrated and tested. The final step is the integration of video monitoring (WP2) component into the system. Other challenges included time synchronisation of various system components, setting up communication infrastructure, formulation of taxonomy of home activities and building of an interactive dashboard displaying live state of sensors in the SPHERE living lab. Recently a data collection experiment was undertaken where a subject was asked to follow a pre-defined scenario. Data collected during this experiment is under analysis and will inform future experiments.